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Shringeri Sharada Devi

This is the second of Devotion Series. I plan to post some shlokas in kannada that are not easily available online in the language. The first one was Ganesha Aksharamala Stotra.

Sharada Bhujanga Stotra is a beautiful work on Shringeri Sharada. It’s very melodious when sung too. When recited everyday, it is said to improve one’s concentration. Here are the lyrics in kannada for you to download. May Devi Sharadamba bestow her blessings upon you.

Download Sharada Bhujanga Stotra

Audio file:
If you want to know how it is sung or pronounced, I’ve embedded an audio file below. You may click on it to listen to it. I’ve sung it myself. Do let me know how it is 🙂

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Photo Courtesy: M e d a

Yippee..It’s vacation time now. I don’t know if I’ll ever get 1 and a half months of vacation time again (In a way, I hope not. I don’t want to be jobless for six months!). So, this means more time for blogging. I thought of having a theme for each day of the week and having posts related to it.

Let me start with a devotional post. The Bhakti movement. Because, my grades will be out next week 🙂 I plan to post shlokas in kannada that I’ve learned and are not easily available in kannada on the net.

Any good work is begun with a prayer to Lord Ganesha. Accordingly, here is Ganesha Aksharamala Stotra. Each line begins with a letter from the kannada alphabet in praise of Ganesha. This was taught to me by my cousin when I was in school. I took the small booklet from her to recite it to memory and never returned it her. Now, the book is battered, my memory is fading and not many people know of this wonderfully simple yet effective shloka. A cure for all this was to blog it.

Click on the following link to view the Ganesha Aksharamala Stotra:

Download Ganesha Aksharamala Stotra

Jai Ganesha!

Watch this space the coming week for more!

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Hanuman Chalisa in Kannada

Courtesy:Os Rúpias The Hanuman Chalisa is a collection of 40 Dohas written by Tulsidas.

Chanting this is believed to ward off danger and fill us with strength.

The original Hanuman chalisa is in a dialect of Hindi and many of us find it difficult to recite. Although the script is available in Kannada, the language is still hard to follow.

I have uploaded the Hanuman Chalisa given to me by my mother-in-law. This is an adaptation of the Hanuman Chalisa in Kannada. It’s not just a translation but the language itself is Kannada, the meaning and the power I’m sure, being preserved.

Download Hanuman Chalisa in Kannada

I hope you find it useful. If you do, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

Jai Hanuman!

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