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About Me

Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am a 20-something, married since a year and a half and also pursuing a masters degree in economics. I am originally from Bangalore,India and I currently stay in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As the name indicates, A Mixed Bag will contain posts on a variety of topics. Being a jack of all trades(I wouldn’t complete the saying), I have varied interests and thought it best to write about all of them. The world offers us so many different lessons be it big or small, in so many different realms that I find it restricting to concentrate just on one subject. However, having said that, I do have to add, eventually you will find categories boiling down to a few like relationships, worship, studies, organizing, travel, music etc.

I also will have some posts containing Kannada writing, which is the language spoken where I hail from. Being a place rich in traditions, I grew up learning so many shlokas and mythological stories. But i hardly find them in Kannada on the net, except for a few bloggers who are doing a great job. I’d love to join the bandwagon too.

All in all, I hope you have a good time reading my blog and get something useful out of it. No blog is ever complete without reader participation. I’d love to know your comments and thoughts which will be the best encouragement I can get to keep writing and improve on it.

Thank you again!

4 Responses to "About Me"

A mixed bag… that’s what I should’ve called mine! I hope to drop in from time to time. Keep on writing.

I like your writing. I have recently taken up eating international cuisines and Indian Food is the one i like the most. Nice blog…keep writing.

Hi flea m monkey,
Thank you for your comment. That will keep me going for a while now! Yes, Indian food is delicious. Do try out something and let me know how it was!

Thanks. I could not find Aksharamala stotra of Ganesha in any other sites. My mother who is 85 years old wrote the entire thing for me. But she had forgotten certain lines. This site was useful. Thanks again.
Best Wishes
Dr.Udayaravi Shastry.

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