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My Weight Loss Challenge

Posted on: August 13, 2010

Weight loss

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Weight.. ah, that elusive number! Something I constantly think but do nothing about.

I am the person who loves food and hates intense workouts. I know what you’re thinking. Terrible combination for weight loss, right? I cannot survive on water one whole day and just raw vegetables the next. Hey, when did food become a three digit number? Also, dont’ bother me with cardiovasular, strength training, target heart rate etc etc. That”s information overload.

Weight loss shouldn’t be that complicated. Agrees dietician Lisa Sarah John. She is a very sensible dietician and I used to enjoy reading her articles in the Times of India back in Bangalore. She has a simple healthy formula for weight loss – walk, water and a balanced diet. You can visit her website here. (I’m probably sounding like her spokesperson, trust me I’m not associated with her in anyway).

Anyways, going by her advice, this is my plan for the next four months.

1. Check my weight only once a week – I used to check my weight everyday and the reduction gets hardly noticeable. Let alone the fact that sometimes it shows a gain of 2-3 pounds in the span of a day. I think it makes much better sense to weigh yourself every week and modify your plan accordingly.

2. Avoid fatty foods for three months – It doesn’t hurt to eat fatty foods occasionally if you want to maintain your weight. But if you wanna lose it, better stay away from it. This is my list of frozen food items:

Cream, butter, ghee, cheese/paneer/tofu, fried foods ( no chips, sniff sniff), cakes/cookies/pastries/puffs, sweets, chocolates, icecreams, mayo, coconut and carbonated drinks.

It seems like a long list, but it’s not that hard to keep it off.

3. Eat rotis at night – I plan to eat early and not eat rice at dinner. I eat a maximum of two rotis without oil.

4. When hungry, fill yourself with veggies and stirfries – I love stirfries and they are healthy and low on calories too. Should work well for me.

5. Drink 2 litres of water everyday – This is a very good practice that I’ve been wanting to inculcate. But I have trouble remembering to drink water.

6. Walk everyday for 30 minutes – Walking is the most comfortable form of exercise for me. Running wears me out. I can always walk uphill to burn as many calories. I probably won’t do it 7 days a week. But i’ll pitch for 6.

So that’s it. Walk, water, no fatty foods. Let’s see if I can keep it up. This ticker should help me see where I’m going:

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3 Responses to "My Weight Loss Challenge"

Good luck…Its a commendable effort….I hope you succeed

its hard….

Yeah, it is a little hard. But it is a very healthy way to lose weight. Let’s see how it goes. Thank you Jpdoss and Grimmreaper!

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