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Organize with a Master Grocery List and Weekly Menu planner

Posted on: January 7, 2010

vegetables-mckaysavageI hate running to the grocery store in the middle of the week. It’s both a waste of time and money. Every time we go to a store, we buy at least a couple of items not originally in the plan. So for the most part, I try to hit the stores just once a month and maybe once in between for milk and other perishable items.

Last year I decided to follow a few steps to be more organized and also save money in the process.

Two of those were to make a monthly grocery list and a weekly menu.

I have been following these two rules quite consistently for over a year and two templates have helped me tremendously in this:

Since I shop for groceries only once a month, I have to make sure I don’t forget something that might be over in a month’s time. So i rummaged through the entire kitchen and conjured a list of all the items that I had. This is my Master Grocery List. All I have to do is go over the list and check the items I need. My husband and I love it now and can’t go shopping without it. Over the year, I improved upon the list and added a few other items that I seemed to use. Feel free to download it. Since I’m Indian and I’m vegetarian, the list is customized for my needs. However, you can edit it according to your requirements and print it out.

Download the Master Grocery List

I love going to the Farmer’s market to buy vegetables. They are so fresh, plus there’s a lot of variety. Yes, they are less expensive too. Initially we had no idea of how much to buy and we’d end up wasting a few by the end of the week. Also, we would buy the same set of vegetables all the time. So I started pouring some time into making a menu for the entire week before buying the vegetables. That way, both my problems were solved. Even now, there’s a dramatic difference in the food we eat when there’s a menu and when there isn’t. I visit the farmer’s market about once every 15 days, so my weekly menu planner is good for two weeks.

Download the Weekly Menu

I’d love your feedback on these two lists. Do let me know if you find them useful and if you think any other items need to be added.

Happy Organizing!

7 Responses to "Organize with a Master Grocery List and Weekly Menu planner"

Hi there,

Glad to see a fellow Economist-blogger-Kannadiga. A master grocery list sounds wonderful. Me too an organized-planned-life freak. I maintain an inventory list, and when something gets over in the pantry I will jot it down.. that way I do not miss much… πŸ™‚
Cheers and will stay tuned !!

Hey dear,

Nice way to track the things….Its always better to plan out the things watever we do it makes our life better πŸ™‚
keep writing…

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