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First Resolution for 2010

Posted on: January 5, 2010

Make My Husband Exercise

Courtesy: Dr JimiGlide

Courtesy: Dr JimiGlide

I know, it sounds funny. All resolutions are about the self. And here I am, going easy on myself and making my husband exercise instead!

No, he is not overweight and fitness is not his problem. What he needs to do are arm exercises. This is a highly personal resolution.

Some background. He fractured his shoulder about 2 months ago and it took about 6 weeks for the bone to heal. Because of the restriction in movement, the muscles have become stiff and physiotherapy should bring back the range of motion. But the physical therapist cannot do it alone. We need to be exercising regularly at home too. Which is what we don’t.

Getting his arm movement back to normal is my priority now and that is why I decided to make this my resolution.

In keeping with the guidelines I posted in my previous entry about resolution making, here’s my plan to make this work.

Analyzing the reason behind failure –Thinking about why this hasn’t been working so far is important to find a workaround. In out case, we were not exercising simply because we forgot. It was new and not part of our daily routine. So it was easy to slip out of our mind.

Action Plan

1. One at a time – One resolution is the optimal number and I am going to concentrate on nothing but this. Since it’s the beginning of the year, my temporary enthusiasm will tempt me into trying many things at once. But by now, I know better. I will resist the temptation and focus on just this goal.

2. Choosing an indivisible goal – My ultimate goal is to make his left arm move just like the right arm. This is the most basic step for that to happen. And since the time frame is about a month or two, it is perfect to qualify for a resolution.

3. Making it fun – We have decided to play a ‘simulation game’ to make him exercise. I pretend to be the physical therapist and we work just like in the actual physical therapy session. The room has all the props we have resourcefully added with everything available at home. I have a timer for the exercises(my mobile) and an ice pack to relax the sore muscles afterwards. He needs to take an appointment just like the real one. I even have a log sheet where he needs to sign in and sign out. I also record the progress in the same form. He needs to make new appointments after each session and when he misses an appointment, I charge him a penalty. If I miss the appointment, he charges me a penalty.

You can download the exercise log sheet here. It is a basic log and can be used by anybody.

4. Making it convenient – He needs to be exercising twice a day and so the best times would be right before going to bed and right after getting up. That is why, ‘my setup’ is in the bedroom itself. And we came up with the appointments to get around the problem of forgetting. Each time when we decide a convenient time, we are going to set reminders and make ourselves available at that time.

5. Laying the groundwork – Before starting, we always need to pre-prepare so that we do not have unavailability of resources as an excuse. By simulating the physical therapy environment, I have made sure that all the necessary items are in the room when we need them. I also have printed the log sheet and filed it along with a pen and have it in an easily accessible place. So, the groundwork is laid. We only need to follow it from now.

What if we fail?

We do excpect to fail at this at times. But I think it is going to be minimal because of our ‘penalty’ system. Each time he misses an appointment, I will sleep on the couch and every time I miss it, he would be sleeping on the couch. Since we both do not want the other to be uncomfortable, we sure will try our best not to miss it.

So, this is my plan and I hope we follow it. Will post the updates to this entry.

All the best for yours too and have a happy New Year!

2 Responses to "First Resolution for 2010"

Thanks for the comment on The Real Post Grads! I liked reading about your resolutions as well, I just need to find a man! haha

Thanks for visiting!



Thanks for visiting ruchikacooks, namma e-manae.. I hate running to the store in the middle of the week and I tend to buy all items in one go, every weekend. But still I come home with stuff that I didnt plan and wonder how I gave up and bought it 🙂

Hubby is from Bangalore too, Hege idhira? Hows winter in NC?

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