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Hot Jalebis

Posted on: December 29, 2008

Jalebis A lovely Indian dish that makes your mouth water every time you think of it, Jalebi is  surprisingly very easy to make. This recipe was taught to me by my friend Manisha and i’d like to share it with all. The key is to ferment the batter for at least 36 hours and you will have jalebis as good as they come in the stores.


For the Jalebis:

3/4 cup All Purpose flour

1/4 cup Besan

1 tbsp Yogurt

1 cup warm water

3 cups oil

Orange food color (optional)

A pinch of Baking Soda

For the Sugar Syrup:

1 cup water

1 3/4 cup sugar

A pinch of cardamom powder


1. Add all purpose flour and besan to a bowl.

2. To this add a tbsp of yogurt and a little bit of warm water and mix thoroughly to form a thick batter. Make sure you do not add too much water. The jalebi will disintegrate if you do so.

3. Allow this mixture to ferment over a period of at least 36 hours. So if you are planning to make the Jalebi on a rainy Sunday evening, prepare the batter on Friday.

4. After 36 hours, add a pinch of baking soda, a little bit of water if required, just a pinch of food color and mix well. If the batter is too thin, you can add some more All Purpose flour.

5. Pour this onto a sauce bottle.

6. For the sugar syrup, pour 1 cup water into a pan and add sugar and cardamom powder. Heat this until all the sugar melts. The sugar syrup is ready.

6. Meanwhile heat oil on a low-medium flame and squeeze the sauce bottle in a clockwise manner to make the jalebis. Remember the wrong shape is the right shape.

7. Fry this until it is crisp. Take care not to let it brown.

8. Drain the excess oil and add this jalebi to the sugar syrup. Dip it in the sugar syrup for not more than 10 seconds and immediately transfer it to a plate. Do not place a paper towel underneath the jalebis. It will absorb the sweetness from the jalebis

9. Continue this process for the whole of the batter and serve the hot jalebis with some ice cream and there you go! This quantity makes around 15 jalebis.

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