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Limit Internet browsing time

Posted on: October 23, 2008

Do you spend the whole day using the internet and then feel guilty?  Have you wished you could have a control on the time spent browsing? I certainly have. To the extent that I realize I cannot limit it and would rather someone else did the controlling job.

Hence I wrote a simple program which doesn’t let me browse for more time than i intended to.

Here is what it does:

  1. It asks me for how much time I would like to browse
  2. Starts my browser for me
  3. Keeps track of the time while I am browsing
  4. And then when the said time is up, just shuts down my browser.

Crude, but effective nonetheless.

If you would like to use it too, I have the files here. One is for Firefox and the other for Internet Explorer. Download the file depending on the browser you use often.

For Firefox

For Internet Explorer


  • Click on the appropriate link.
  • A window pops up asking you to save the file. Click save where you want it.
  • That’s it. From now on, whenever you want to limit internet time, just double click this file and browse.

Some points about the firefox program:

The next time firefox is started, it may ask you to restore the session.This is because it doesn’t shut down firefox in a ‘clean’ manner. Click on “Restore” or “Don’t Restore” and simply continue.

This problem does not happen with Internet Explorer.

It is NOT spyware or adware. It is my own plain batch program and I use it myself. Download without worries.

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