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Starting Off

Posted on: August 25, 2008

Hi, I’m another of millions of bloggers who’s joined the kingdom rather a bit late. But i’ve heard an old saying. Does that say, ‘Better late than never’? Ok, here’s a question-answer session with myself mainly for my benefit, but also gives you a fair idea of who i am and what you can expect out of the blog.

Why this sudden revelation?
Being an avid journal fan, i like writing about what’s on my mind. The problem with the journal is that only i see it and hence i’m not accountable to anyone. I tend to write the same things again and again and there is no interaction whatsoever. I don’t get to know others’ views on a subject, no encouragement for a good deed done. It’s basically a lonely planet in there. But in a blog, i will be more choosy about what goes in and how it is presented. Plus, i get to meet all the wonderful minds like you and share opinions and learn a lot more. That is my motivation to start a blog. Simple, but reasonable nonetheless.

What will I be writing about?
Life has so many things to teach us. Everyday is different, bringing along with it new experiences, new thoughts, new processes, new people. There are innumerable things which we learn each day, but I don’t really make the most of it. Do you? One reason for me is that i forget it very soon. So here in this blog, i plan to record all the interesting things i notice and learn everyday. I will be entertaining as well as educating myself and probably a few of you who’d be interested too. The posts will be as varied as tips on doing chores to recipes, reviews of books that i’m reading, travelogues, funny incidents and sometimes even insane talks with myself. The essence is pretty much summed up in the blog title. Melange is a hodgepodge. Of anything. Of everything.

How often will i be writing?
I initially decided to write everyday. But on second thoughts, knowing myself i better don’t make that promise. I am a pretty moody person and will write when i feel like there is something to write. That way i won’t be pressurized and led to thinking this as a work. It won’t even make me write things just to fill in each day’s quota.

What do i expect from you?
I’d love hear from you. Nothing is perhaps more exciting in a blog than a stray post sparking off dialogue and debate. Please feel free to comment on anything you feel like. I’d be glad of that.

So that should do for a starting post. I hope you will have a good time on my blog. Will be back again.

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